Therapeutic Lead

Through innovative research we identified our lead therapeutic target. Our focus is on a secreted protein that is a potent regulator of cancer stem cells, angiogenesis and cell survival. This activity enables the metastatic spread of cancer. We have developed a neutralizing antibody to this novel oncoprotein and have shown in cancer models that we can use it attack both primary cancer and inhibit metastatic development.

Pipeline Development

Tradewind has an interest in secreted proteins that are required to maintain tumorigenesis. We have screened for molecular targets and have chosen novel proteins with a wide spectrum of tumorigenic activity for therapeutic intervention. Tradewind is aiming to develop a panel of antibody-based therapeutic candidates, both monovalent and bi-specific, that attack cancer stem cells, halt blood vessel growth and flip the switch toward cancer cell death.  

Markers For Clinical Trials

Companion Diagnostic

Tradewind has carried out extensive bioinformatic analysis and we are on a path toward developing a companion diagnostic for our therapeutic lead antibody. This will allow identification of patients who will benefit most from our novel  therapeutic and in the future, will serve as a companion diagnostic for our pipeline of cancer stem cell / anoikis-enabling therapeutics.


Our bioinformatic research has also enabled us to develop an easy to apply but potent prognostic methodology that is appropriate for multiple cancer indications. We can use this to predict patient outcome. Eventually, our goal is to provide a blood test that is predictive of the likelihood of cancer recurrence.